Tom Byrum, Sugar Land, Texas - PGATOUR - CHAMPIONS TOUR
" I am proud to say Jim Murphy has been my friend for over 25 years. We have shared experiences in golf, as student to teacher, business partners and friends. He has challenged me not only in my professional life but my personal as well. Learning, improving, teaching and enjoying the process is how I would describe Jim. If you come to him for a lesson your swing will improve and if you keep coming your whole game will improve and you will be challenged in many areas of your life! Good luck and good golfing."
Tom Byrum - Sugar Land, Texas
Alan Beck testimonial - Houston, Texas
“Jim Murphy is the most knowledgeable golf instructor I have encountered in my many years of playing golf. His instruction is simple and effective. Every time I visit him I gain a greater appreciation of the cause and effects that drive my golf swing, and he always leads me to crisper impact and straighter ball flight. He has helped me improve all aspects of my golf game - from tee to green. If you are interested in serious game improvement, I highly recommend Jim.”
Alan Beck - Houston ,Texas - Lawyer
Karen Murphy, Sugar  Land, Texas - 2 Time Houston City Amateur Champion.
I have played golf my whole life and have worked with some of the best teachers in the game. Jim takes players to the next level and makes them play better and I think that is everyones goal. This game can get complicated if you let it and he has a way of keeping it so simple and fun.If you want to play better golf let Jim show you how it is done.
Karen Murphy - Sugar Land, Texas
2 Time Houston City Amateur Champion