Jim's Methodology for the Golf Swing...
My methodology is very simple and that is to improve a persons impact conditions to fix an undesirable ball flight. I work on getting them in a posture that will allow them to make a repeating arm swing that brings the golf club back to a square position on a consistent basis.

I believe that you have two components that allow you to strike the golf ball, your hands and arms, and that of your body. If we look at the body first it can be very shallow(standing straight up) or very steep (bent over parallel to the ground), and then there is everything in between. Then we have the hands and arms, they can be very steep (lifting straight up in the air) or very shallow (swinging around your waist) and then there is everything in between.

Every swing that has ever hit a ball is a combination of the two components, meaning if a player has a shallow body, their arms must swing on an upright or steep plane. This player tends to slice the ball, take deep divots, and hit shots off the toe of the club. Conversely if your body is steep (bent over excessively from the hips) then you will tend to have a shallow arm swing. This player tends to hook the ball, shallow divots, and shots closer to the heel of the club.

I try to get players into a neutral posture where they are bent from the hips in a very athletic position and they are angled where their chest is pointed towards the ball. This allows them to make a neutral arms swing where the clubs the arms and the body work in unison. This will produce a shot that flies straight, takes turf slightly past the ball, and strike the center of the club face on the sweet spot. When this is achieved then you have the ability to put in minimum effort and achieve maximum result. Squaring the club is achieved by the rotation of the body and the uninterrupted release of the club on an arc.
Sugar Creek Country Club
Jim teaches at Sugar Creek Country Club in Sugar Land, Texas. Sugar Creek C.C. is a private club with 27 holes of golf, double ended driving range,short game area and three putting greens.

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